ITT 124: How to Build an App from Scratch with RJ McCollam

October 16, 2017

RJ McCollam has been a freelancer for years and, after unsuccessfully searching for project management software that was specially designed for teams, he created the app, Hector, as a side project.

In this episode, we talk about how he built and launched the app in 30 days, why he's rebuilding the app now, and the unexpected challenges he's encountered along the way.

In this broadcast, RJ McCollam and I talk about:

  • What RJ does to earn money now
  • Where did the idea for RJ’s software, Hector, come from?
  • How RJ’s software evolved from an idea to what it is today
  • The unexpected challenges of building software
  • The guilt that comes with working on a non-revenue generating side project
  • The basic costs associated with building an app
  • How to take you app from idea to revenue generator
  • The software RJ looks to for guidance and/or inspiration
  • Why RJ decided to have a free version of Hector

How to connect with RJ McCollam online:

Great quote from Rj McCollam:

"Guilt is something that I struggle with in terms of working on those side projects." - @RJMcCollam

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