ITT 080: How to Put Your Audience First with Jane Portman

February 15, 2016

Jane Portman is the founder of She is the author of The UI Audit and has developed a course with the same name for SaaS Founders, developers and UI/UX designers and consultants.  She started doing design work in high school, came up through the agency system, and then after having children, started doing consulting.

In this broadcast, Jane Portman and I talk about:

  • What makes good user interface
  • The best ways to choose colors and fonts, as well as the benefits of templates
  • The advantages of creating products based on audience research
  • How she has been able to reach her target consumers
  • The process of setting prices and knowing whether to offer a book or a course
  • The process of moving from consultation to information product production
  • The importance of focusing on your audience, coming up with simple solutions to one of their problems

How to find Jane Portman online:

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