ITT 076: How to Build a 6-Figure Magazine with Nathan Chan

January 18, 2016

Nathan Chan is the founder and CEO of Foundr digital magazine. Wanting to personally discover the answers to all his questions about the daily struggles of starting a successful business, Nathan began to interview world-changing entrepreneurs in the hope that he could learn from them. He started Foundr while working a full time job, but the rapid success of the digital magazine led Nathan to quit his day job and double down on Foundr.

In this broadcast, Nathan Chan and I talk about:

  • His background before beginning the magazine.
  • Why he choose to create a digital magazine.
  • The 3 ways he knew it was time to give up his day joy to work on the magazine full time.
  • How he was able to find his feet after transitioning from part time to full time in the magazine.
  • How he realized the importance of building the Foundr brand.
  • The Goal Pyramid process to decide what to focus on at any given time.
  • How Nathan built the Foundr  team and his insight in hiring people that are a good fit.
  • His advice for those who want to be successful in publishing.
  • How Foundr has been able to secure so many top name interviews.

How to find Nathan Chan online:

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