ITT 025: Crafting Culinary Perfection with Antonio Diaz

December 6, 2014

From Passion Project to Business

There are two words that define the theme of Life & Thyme: culinary storytelling. Antonio Diaz is the founder of Life & Thyme, a digital publication and production studio devoted to bringing a community together around food. Antonio and his team bring culinary fanatics the stories behind the food and restaurants they enjoy. In the past two years, Life & Thyme has grown - and evolved - rapidly. What started as a local project, featuring LA restaurants and chefs, eventually turned into a global movement, featuring the artists behind food from all over the world. In today's broadcast, I talk with Antonio Diaz about what it's like starting with a passion-based project, how he was able to launch a magazine out of a collection of Instagram photos, and how it all evolved into a full on film production studio.

What Antonio Diaz and I Talk About:

  • Antonio’s background in digital publishing and the birth of Life and Thyme
  • Why you should start simple and worry about the core idea first (not monetization, which comes later)
  • How a passion project Life of Thyme, ended up starting a profitable video production studio
  • The Power of a community and how to build one yourself
  • Why meeting offline is so important to building a passionate group of supporters
  • How to find people to work with /collaborate with and  why it's impossible to do everything yourself

Wise Words from Antonio Diaz:

Building a community is what matters, not product, or website. A Strong communitycan move mountains.

If you think too hard, you over think and cause more stress. Live in the moment. Some things work out, others don’t. Lighten up. Have a good time.

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