ITT 022: Content Warfare with Ryan Hanley

December 6, 2014

Winning the Battle for Attention with Ryan Hanley

How often do you find yourself competing for attention online? If you're a writer, artist, entrepreneur, or blogger, chances are a lot. It comes with the territory. There are millions of websites and our audiences' time and attention are limited. So the question is: how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd and earn that well deserved attention for your high quality content? Enter: Ryan Hanley. Ryan is the creator of, the host of the Content Warfare Google Hangout / Live Podcast, and the founder of Hanley Media Labs. Ryan is THE leading authority on winning the war for attention online by building your brand the right way (and a person whose advice I implicitly trust - something I say about very few people). The best part: Ryan isn't keeping his genius to himself. Instead, he's  taking all the knowledge and experience he's gained over the years from building brands online and putting it into a book he's launching through a new book crowdfunding platform called Publishizer: Check out Ryan's book (appropriately titled: Content Warfare) on Publishizer here. In today's podcast, we sit down and discuss Ryan's background and how he transitioned from corporate America to online entrepreneurship; how he became a leading authority in building brands online; and his unique journey to published author.

What Ryan Hanley and I talk about:

  • Ryan's transition from accounting to online entrepreneur, Podcaster, and brand building authority
  • What Content Warfare is all about....
  • How to distinguish yourself from the crowd
  • The three ingredients for successfully capturing a segment of any market (hint: it has to do with Audience, Story, Experience)
  • The three components of Experience:

    • Customer Service: Good or Bad
    • Price: Low or High
    • Delivery: Fast or Slow
  • Which components of experience matter and which don't (you might be surprised by this)
  • How to tell your story so that you attract the right customers
  • Which is the best social media platform and why (and how to implement it for your own success)
  • Why Ryan went the crowdfunding path for his book and how crowdfunding is changing the landscape of publishing for the better

Wise Words from Ryan Hanley:

Attention without trust has little value.  [share]

 Where once we as brands and marketers chose our audience, today our audience chooses us. [share]

Where You can Find Ryan Hanley Online:

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