ITT 006: Creating New Paradigms with Clay Hebert

December 2, 2014

You Can Change Your Life

Or at least that's what Clay Hebert did. In 2008, Clay was at a crossroads.  Should he continue to work for Accenture, where he had a guaranteed salary and could easily move up the ladder?  Or should he branch off on his own path, a path completely uncertain and paved with obstacles and possible failure points. It turns out serendipity was on his side: it just so happened that as Clay began soul-searching, he noticed a blog post by Seth Godin titled 'If You Could Change Your Life'... Would you? And for Clay, the answer was yes.

Starting From Scratch

After the 6 month intensive MBA program, Clay went straight into bootstrapping his first business: Tribes Win. At Tribes Win, Clay worked with a plethora of clientele, from entrepreneurs to authors, and helped them build their Tribes. After the success with Tribes Win, Clay moved onto bootstrapping two more companies: and Both businesses have the chance to redefine their genres (and yes, you should check them out).

Things we talk about:


  • The fear of walking away from a guarantee into the unknown
  • How to overcome fear
  • The difference between Freelancer and Entrepreneur (and why it's crucial you know the difference)
  • "Product Market Fit" - and why you need to use it, whether you're a writer or an entrepreneur
  • The power of the lean startup versus conventional business development
  • Why you should TEST and VALIDATE your business before you jump into your next venture
  • How to multi-task like a ninja...but also why it's not recommended for most people!

Quotes to Live by From the Interview:

Don't start by building, start by validating. (tweeeeet!) Get out of the building and talk to actual customers. (tweet it!)


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Additional Show Notes:

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